The world of commercial and industrial renovations is increasingly sophisticated, demanding a high level of technical skill and an understanding of cutting-edge technologies.

There’s a factory-trained technician near you

When something goes wrong with your system you don’t have to search high and low for help. You want it fixed – correctly and as fast as possible. Texas Air Industries has factory-trained technicians near you to service all Texas Air Industries systems – as well as any other brand of HVAC equipment. With continuing education and technology-enabled remote support, Texas Air Industries technicians know how to get your system back up and running.

Ductwork Replacement: Our engineered solutions optimize airflow dynamics, significantly enhancing indoor environmental quality.

Control and Software Upgrades: Adopt the latest PLC and SCADA systems for advanced control functionalities and robust data analytics.

Wireless Communication between Mechanical Units: Systems are specifically designed to enable real-time, secure interconnectivity between mechanical units, managed through a unified Building Management System (BMS).

Equipment Change and Modifications: We work in tandem with project engineers to undertake equipment upgrades or modifications that meet the unique specifications of your renovation project.

Enhanced Air Quality for Occupants: In response to post-Covid demand, we modify existing HVAC systems or install new features to improve indoor air quality. This has become an essential component for landlords and management in attracting tenants.

Artificial Intelligence Monitoring and Alert Systems (Pilot Phase): As a forward-looking measure, we are cautiously exploring integrating AI technologies. This will enable early alert mechanisms for building management and maintenance staff.





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