Principles Bios

Texas Air Industries is a trailblazing leader in mechanical and engineering services, driving innovation and excellence in every project.

Shahram Shafie

Shahram Shafie, a principal at Texas Air Industry, is a highly accomplished engineer with a wealth of experience. He has played a key role in the firm's successful installation of commercial mechanical systems in various sectors.

His impressive educational background in chemical engineering and computer science has enriched his technical expertise in fields such as chemical processing, project design, and factory installation.

Mr. Shafie's extensive professional journey spans diverse areas, from brine mining to green chemistry-based heavy oil recovery, reflecting his commitment to sustainability. With prior experience at renowned companies like Royal Dutch Shell and Schlumberger, as well as consultancy roles for international firms, he brings valuable insights to the industry. Mr. Shafie's numerous publications and over 70 patents demonstrate his significant contributions, and his visionary approach guides Texas Air Industry toward innovative excellence and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Karen Sparks 

Karen Sparks, a highly experienced mechanical engineer with over two decades in the industry, has a notable background working with leading EPC firms like Bechtel and Black & Veatch.

Her expertise in nuclear and power plant system design is well-established. At Bechtel, she played a key role in system design documentation for various systems, while at Black & Veatch, she excelled in hydraulic calculation designs.

Now a Principal at Texas Air Industries, she contributes her extensive experience to enhance the firm's capacity to deliver tailored solutions in compliance with regulatory standards and client needs, particularly in the nuclear design domain. Karen Sparks' presence fortifies the company's commitment to technical excellence and client satisfaction, solidifying its position as a leader in meeting stringent regulatory and quality standards.

Kaz Ebrahimi 

Kaz Ebrahimi is a seasoned expert in mechanical, thermal, and fluid energy engineering, known for his contributions to thermal and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) as well as research in turbulence modeling and heat transfer. His work has notably influenced the development of the next generation of Boeing aircraft.

Beyond this, he's made significant strides in understanding the diffusion and distribution of SARS-COVID, sponsored by organizations like the FAA, CDC, and Boeing. Currently a faculty member at Texas State University, Dr. Ebrahimi covers various critical areas in teaching and research. In addition to his academic role, he serves as a principal at Texas Air Industry, where his technical expertise is integral in delivering tailored mechanical installation solutions and reinforcing the company's reputation for excellence in the field. His ability to bridge theoretical research with practical engineering challenges has been a key asset to the firm's success.





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