About Us

Texas Air Industries is a trailblazing leader in mechanical and engineering services, driving innovation and excellence in every project.

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About Texas Air Industries

Our cornerstone service is mechanical installations, where we harness advanced methodologies to ascertain the optimal functionality and longevity of systems. Our installation prowess serves as the operational lifeblood for an array of facilities across diverse sectors.

As we diversified our technical offerings, controls emerged as a domain where we fine-tuned our expertise. This sphere is instrumental in automating and elevating the operational efficiency of building systems. Our control services are meticulously tailored to ensure precise regulation and seamless synergy with the existing mechanical and electrical frameworks.

Branching into plumbing, we offer a gamut of solutions that span from rudimentary installations to intricate system troubleshooting. Our technical methodology in plumbing transcends mere installation, aiming for operational excellence and minimal disruptions.

Our electrical services spectrum covers installation to diligent maintenance, ensuring a steadfast power supply and seamless functionality of electrical systems within commercial and industrial establishments. The preciseness of our installation procedure underscores our commitment to delivering unwavering services.

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Additionally, we render underground utility services, ensuring precise and safe installation of utility systems, reinforcing our pledge of offering comprehensive technical services to our clientele.

Texas Air Industry also thrives in managing projects for mixed-use commercial buildings and medical facilities. We ensure that each mechanical, electrical, and plumbing system installed aligns with the unique technical and operational requisites of these specialized spaces.

Collaboration is a key facet of our operational mantra. We partner with MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) firms to optimize design outputs for their clients. Our collaborative ventures extend to major brands such as Mitsubishi, York International, American Standard, Johnson Controls, and Trane Technologies, manifesting in enhanced service delivery and technical proficiency.

At Texas Air Industry, our modus operandi is transparent: to leverage our technical prowess in delivering installation solutions that not only fulfill but surpass client expectations. Every project we embark on is a testament to our steadfast commitment to technical excellence, establishing a lofty benchmark in the industry for quality and reliability. 





110 W Pflugerville Pkwy.,
Pflugerville TX, 78660

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