Commercial Real Estate

Proven thermal energy storage solutions and energy services expertise for a more resilient, energy-independent building.

Texas Air Industries Commercial Building Solutions

Today’s tenants want technology that integrates control over HVAC, lighting, security, and more, and makes running the building easy. They care about sustainability more than ever before and want to feel confident that every aspect of their indoor environment is clean, safe, and efficient.

Buildings need to be more adaptable to changing space requirements, and more accommodating to flexible work schedules. Everyone wants more amenities, yet you have less to spend. Texas Air Industries' integrated approach helps you respond to rising tenant demand and reach your operational performance and energy goals.

Benefits of Thermal Energy Storage

Thermal energy storage is a reliable, cost-effective solution for off-setting the inevitable utility peaks during periods of high-demand. But that’s not all. Here are some of most impactful benefits of thermal energy storage for commercial buildings:

Lower cooling and heating costs
Improve grid and building resiliency
Support renewable energy sources like wind and solar
Ability to participate in grid capacity and demand limit revenue programs





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