VRF and Ductless Systems

Premium, advanced technology + the building expertise, service, and support you expect from Texas Air Industries.

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology is taking the HVAC industry by storm.

VRF is a popular, flexible heat pump that electrifies heat while delivering more targeted occupant comfort. It’s a combination that makes VRF highly energy-efficient and cost-effective. Trane has the system design expertise to make VRF viable in virtually any building—new builds and retrofits.

Pre-engineered controls and user-friendly system management take the pressure off your people with automated optimization and secure remote management. With multiple product options and ongoing local support, Texas Air Industries ensures the VRF decisions you make today will continue to be the best for tomorrow.


Superior Energy Efficiency

VRF heat recovery systems provide simultaneous heating and cooling, and can respond to rapid changes in building load during periods of heavy demand.

Maximum Comfort

VRF technology delivers different occupant-selected temperatures to multiple zones — ideal for buildings with diverse occupancy patterns.

Outstanding Versatility

With a trusted partner like Trane, its design expertise can help customize a VRF system to meet the specific demands of virtually any size building.





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